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i was browsing the sephora and barryM website, and kept picking out products that i'd love to have in my collection. unfortunately i do not have enough moolah to buy these things yet.. but hopefully one day soon. 

i have been dying for a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick for ages. the casing is so gorgeous, i can't even believe it. honestly i probably wouldn't even care what shade i purchased, just so i can gaze at the beautiful golden packaging. plus i've been hearing so many positive things about their rouge volupte lipsticks. i already own too many lip products for my own good, and i'm running out of space to put any more. but i would definitely get rid of one to add this to the collection. 

also, on the sephora website i saw that they have come out with a disney collection of products for "the little mermaid" they have this eyeshadow palette, nail varnishes, and lipglosses. i think they are so cute, i just love the greens and purples shades. i'm a sucker for anything disney, so obviously i couldn't just scroll past these. plus i dont have any shades even close to these, so it would be a nice to have. 

and lastly, at sephora.. i have always been a fan of the benefit line, my Hoolah bronzer is one of my favorite products, ever. but i'm curious to try the "fine one one" 3 in one sweep stick, it looks like it has a blush, highlight, and a coral shade too.. not sure why. but it looks gorgeous, and interesting. and also from benefit i saw the "easiest nudes ever" palette. i also have heard quite a few nice things about this palette, because it is just so easy to throw on. i usually only ever wear nude shadows on my eyes, because i like to keep my make-up as natural looking as possible. the shades look so lovely, and there are so many ways to wear them. you could even go for a smokey natural look if you wanted. 

lastly... oh the BarryM nail polishes... unfortunately in Canada we can't get barrym here. it's so depressing, because i absolutely see them everywhere. the formula looks amazing, and they have so many different textures and formulas. hopefully when i visit the UK next summer i'll finally be able to get my hands on them. they are inexpensive and i heard that they literally last so long on your nails. a dream! 

anyways, just thought i'd share some of my make-up wishlist with you all. if any of you have tried any of these products please tell me in the comments what you think, and if they're worth spending your money on.

PS. i know BarryM isn't a high-end makeup product, but i put it on my wishlist anyways. <3 

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