BEAUTY SPLURGE | chanel rouge coco - gardenia

not ever have i purchased a high end lipstick in my life... my mom bought Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in their iconic "Madamoiselle" and i'd just stare at the packaging and just want to be able to have one for my own. the cold and black casing is literally mesmerizing, and i finally gave in, and bought my own. i never would think to buy a $40.00 lipstick for that exact reason... $40.00. that is an insane amount of money for a small piece of make-up. i'd much rather go to the drugstore and pick up a revlon lipstick for $10.00 and under, easily. but i believe that every girl deserves to treat themselves to something so luxurious every once in a while. 
i am so afraid to use my lipstick, because it's like the most beautiful thing i own and i don't want to waste it. i tried just a DAB of it on my lips the other day. i want to save it forever, and just look at it. you may think me crazy, it's just a lipstick. but it is Chanel... *sigh* 

the shade i bought was #13 - Gardenia. it was really difficult to choose a shade because i wanted a good pink colour for easy everyday use (funny because i plan to hardly use it at all). my mother helped me choose this one, it is hard to describe the exact colour of it. pinky-mauve-rougey red. it is more on the blue side of pink, with beautiful blush red undertone. see? very hard to describe. 

this swatch was probably one of the WORST ones i could do, it looks like i burnt myself on a curling iron or something, plus it's slightly blurry... i'm not technology savvy at all. but you can slightly see the shade here of Gardenia, a sheer pink-y red color. tres belle. 

i'm even going to embarrassingly admit that i framed the petit Chanel bag this lipstick came with, i WILL be putting it on my wall at some point, lame. i know. but can you blame me ? 
anyways, i am super thrilled about purchasing my Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick, it is so moisturizing and feels amazing on the lips. i don't regret spending the $40 on it. i will enjoy having this in my collection! 

happy monday to you all. xx 

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  1. Hey Beautiful, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! :) xoxo