Hello everyone! Im back! and happy about it, I have a couple days off this weekend therefore I thought, why not blog? Just in time for my may favourites to boot. I've picked out a couple products that I have tried out this month that I have really enjoyed! So here she goes... 

1.paris amour signature collection room spray - I bought this on a complete whim. My mom had the candle in this scent and I really liked it, so I picked this up for about $4 from bath and body works. It's really lovely to spray on your bed and pillows n things for a fresh girly scent. 
2.arbonne makeup primer- my friend is a representative for arbonne products and I chose to buy one of these makeup primers, something that I needed anyways. I'm a big fan of this actually, I really liked benefits pore-fessional makeup primer when I had the sample, and the Arbonne was basically the same product, except the serum was clear. It just makes a nice smooth surface so your makeup will apply flawlessly. And my makeup lasts all day with this, so I appreciate that. You can buy this on the arbonne website for $26 or somewhere around that, it's pricey, but it works
3.batiste dry shampoo - I've heard so many good things about this brand, so I ended up buying a 3 sample pack of the floral and regular. It's great for a little refresh on those days where you don't have time to shower in the morning. It completely adds some life to your hair and the scent is pleasant. $10 at winners 
4.neostrata moisture infusion 24 hr hydrating serum- this is literally the best moisturizing I've ever tried. It sinks in your skin like nothing else ever could. My skin I so moisturized after, it's brilliant. Your skin instantly looks and feels better. $20-30 any drugstore
5.deep down detox ultra-cleansing mud mask orange + bergamot- I have been loving this stuff. I use this when I start getting a few blemishes or my skin is tired and lacking. The day after I've used this my skin looks energized and bright, blemishes have diminished and my skin feels clean and firm. $10 any drug/grocery store.
6.beautiful day fine fragrance mist- this is my new Favorjte body spray from bath and body works, it smells fruity and clean  like you've just had a bath or something.... I can't get enough of this, I even bought the miniature version for my purse. I just love it, so amazing for summer. $10-$15 at B&BW 

those are all of my favorites for this month, I hope you'll think about picking some of these up?!  It feels good to be properly blogging again.

****PS I can't believe glossy box Canada has come to an end, I'm literally so sad! *****


  1. I have the same little batiste dry shampoo, i like it too :) Really wantto try he mask, thanks for this post check out my blog if you get a chance!
    Penny Rose