another month has passed ALREADY! wow april went by so fast. i wouldn't complain except that where i live there is still snow on the ground and i'm pretty upset about that. all i want is to be able to sit outside and tan my pasty vampire skin! but alas, i won't let some snow bring down my spring fever. i've been enjoying bright colours and pastels this month (as i'm sure 99.9% of you are aswell..) and also i have been loving scented things...candels...lotions...my scentsy warmer with the melts..mmmm. i can't get enough, let's just say that. 
to start things off.. i've been wanting a new perfume for a long time now because i've just been spraying an abundance of body sprays and things like that. but i wanted something a little more potent than just a spray. something that would last. i will eventually go to one of the booths and get a higher end perfume but i was in bath an body works and i saw this little guy called "be enchanted," and of course *SQUIRREL* the bottle amused me. it has sparkly branches and it's just so dang pretty, and i liked the scent too... so that was good. it is one of their new fragrances and i quite like it. i'm a big fan of sweeter scents. not too floraly, just somewhere in between. i can't even describe this scent to you, but it's really lovely. just an easy scent to have on no matter where you're going. it is just a pretty girly scent, and i recommend that some of you take a whiff of this next time in you're in bath and body works. ($34.99) also, i don't have pictured separately but they're in the first picture..but i bought two new candles from bath and body works called "pineapple mango," and "bahama fizz." oh my god, they smell incredible. i always have a candle burning in my room and just recently tried out the "pineapple mango," its amazing. i'm saving the bahama fizz for later, because it is definitely my favorite. bahama fizz smells like a fruity coctail. it's just ahmazing. GO SMELL. also... i received a lotion for free so i picked out the "bali mango," wow... it smells incredible. see, i told you i love scents.. it's awful. i just love this lotion, i'm not using it because i don't want to use it up yet.. i still have so many to use up first. 
and to keep on the bath and body works train i bought the Rose Salve balm. but this is no ordinary lip balm..oh no.. it can be used for face, lips, cuticles, elbows and knees. pretty cool, right? for one i love the tin, it looks so vintage. the scent is nice, and subtle. nothing overpowering. it does work nicely as well. i put it on my lips before bed, and it lasts all night. it is $6.50. another lip treatment that i have been using religiously is of course EOS lip balm - $4.00, but i forget what scent it is.. something fruity. this lip balm of course is not the best one i've ever tried, but i still really like it, it's a handy little thing. 
        another item i have been enjoying are my coral rose earring studs from Joe Fresh at any superstore in canada. they were $8.00, and i just think that they're so cute and add so much to any drab outfit. nice and spring/summery and just the perfect pop of color without any effort. (my favorite kind). 
a lip colour that i have been liking this month is revlon's super lustrous lipstick in matte 002 pink pout. i've said before that i'm a huge fan of matte lipsticks, i know that it is a hit and miss with most people. but i have been really enjoying them. i love this shade, it's super natural with just the right amount of pigment. a very easy colour to throw on when you're in a hurry to get out the door. it goes with any look, and it is just a nice light pink, but not a barbie pink.. i hate that. i find that it lacks some moisture but it's great with a lip balm applied underneath. it's about $8.00 at any drug/grocery store. 
        i have pictured in the first picture a blush i have been loving lately. i have just recently been getting into wearing blushes every day. it adds some flush to your cheeks, which i appreciate because i haven't been getting any sun at all. it's by covergirl and it is called "instant cheekbones" contouring blush in shade 230 refined rose. it has three different shades in the pan, but i swirl my blush brush in all three and sweep it over the apples of my cheeks toward my hair line. i have some intense blushes in my possession, but this one is nice and subtle. i don't want it to be obvious that i'm wearing a crazy amount of make-up, especially with blush. i often see a lot of girls who pile on the blush to the point that it looks like they've been slapped across the face. not particularly the look i want to go for... i have more of an olive skin tone, so i find this shade works the best for me. i don't look too overdone. i don't remember how much this blush is.... i think maybe around $6.00 ( but don't quote me on that).
        and last but not least i have been LOVING hair wraps this month! they look cute with your hair up or down. it looks very island-y. i like to wear them if i'm just sporting leggings with a white or plain coloured sweater or shirt, and a hair wrap basically transforms your look. the two i have pictured at the top there are a couple of my favorites. the paisley one is from forever 21 and was about $4.50. they had a couple different colour versions of this but i'm a big fan of anything red, so i went bold. and the coral one is from a shop we have in this city that individually owned with a lot of trendy pieces it was $12.00, and i believe the shop was called "out of the blue." i also have a polka dot bow one, that's so adorable, but i have unfortunately misplaced it somewhere in my hurricane of a bedroom.... oops. it'll turn up someday.

anyways, those are all of my april favorites... and i can't wait to try out some more products for may, etc. sorry that this post was all over the place, i couldn't control my thoughts, they were just flying all around. feel free to tell me what your favorite items were this month so that i can perhaps try some new things out!

xx, love
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  1. I'm a massive Matte Lips lover too :) I have a neutrally peach shade of these Revlon lipsticks but this pink looks so pretty & cute :)

    I just posted my April Faves if you fancy a look :)


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  3. Great picks! I have that eos lip balm and I love BBW candles :) Your blog is super cute!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

  4. that lip colour is lovely! :)
    Alice xx

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