hello lovelies, so where i work there was a sale on these nail polishes PLUS a coupon where if you buy any two revlon items you get $4 off. so i basically only paid for three of these nail polishes. such a good deal. i've been really into religiously painting my nails lately, i just hate leaving them all chipped and gross looking. the shades i bought are... (in order)
  • 780 ritzy- black polish with sparkles
  • 380 elegant- a grey-ish nude
  • 089 sunshine sparkle- pastel yellow with little shimmers
  • 770 heavenly- clear polish with sparkles
  • 211 charming- a pastel light purple
  • 590 trendy- a blue-y green (love this one)
  • treat and boost nail treatment (not a shade obviously).
i am just loving these colours right now, and as we all know pastels are so in! which i love, i think pastel's are so springy and cute. i love wearing the light purples and pinks and of course mint green. i use the treat and boost as a base coat because it hardens my nails, and it smooths out all of the damage and splitting that painting my nails constantly have done. it prevents them from breaking easily. which is great because i desperately want naturally long nails :(. i HIGHLY recommend buying the treat and boost, its worked wonders on my nails, and let me tell you they were sooooo damaged and frail. it was so sad. but they're much better now, and stronger too.
i am actually wearing elegant on eight nails and ritzy on my ring fingers. such a nice combination! ritzy surprised me because i thought it was just going to be a clear polish with black sparkles, but it actually is black polish, solid black with grey sparkles in it. i am in love with it because it's something that i've wanted for so long. elegant is a really pretty nude shade, and it kind of reminds me of chanel for some reason, just the combo of black and nude. trendy (the green one) is a new shade, and i've wanted it ever since they spoke about it at the revlon seminar i went to. it is the prettiest shade of green. it's so hard to describe as well, but it's close to an emerald green shade. i actually used charming for polka dots on top of trendy which i used as the base. it looked so adorable. i just bought sunshine sparkle and heavenly today so i haven't gotten the chance to try them out yet but i did look on pinterest and they look gorgeous. i cannot wait to try those out. i will probably use sunshine sparkle next time. you only need 2 coats at the most for these polishes. they brush on smoothly and are just overall really nice polishes. i like them so much better than essie or o.p.i.... the brush on these are a typical straight brush that you'll often find on almost every other nail lacquer.

p.s. sorry for the quality of the photo, i was too lazy to get out my nikon and take a proper picture, i figured that my ipad would do the job for now. :)

thanks for stopping by guys! xx
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  1. We love the Revlon nail polishes! Charming is so beautiful. Nice review! xo

  2. Loving the lilac....has to be my fave!

    Now following your fab blog on GFC :)

    Be great if you could check my two latest 90s Denim outfit posts. Would love to know which you prefer: House Of Holland Tie Dye Jeans or She Inside Denim Dress

    Thanks :) Charlie UK Fashion Blog | Lurch Hound Loves xx

    1. it's my favorite shade! :)

      thanks so much, i love your blog.

  3. love all of these colours :)

  4. I love all of these colours and they have such pretty nails!

  5. That glittery one looks amazing! New follower right here haha!

    would also love if we could follow each other?


    1. yay glitter! i love it too :)

      i'll definitely follow, thanks.

  6. 211 Charming is one of my all time favourite polished from Revlon, and i definitely think Revlon do the best drug store polishes!

    This is such a nice post & your blog is so nice too!

    I have followed you on GFC :) if you're ever passing through my blog feel free to follow back :)

    Love Em, from www.dollhousebeautyblog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. that is my favorite shade so far! i have it on all the time, can't get enough.
      thank-you so much, i'll follow you back :)


  7. how did the treat & boost work on your nails?


    1. the treat and boost worked wonders, and I mean that. My nails were splitting and thin and fragile. Once I put this on it instantly made my nails rock hard, and they've been able to grow. I put this on every time I paint my nails as a base coat. Try it! Treat and boost is actually amazing.